Additional Markup:

Additional Markup Cancellation:

Adjusted Gross Margin:

At-market Price:

Below-market Price:

Billed Cost:

Cash Discount:

Clearance Price:

Comparison Price:

Contract Dating:

Cost-plus Pricing:

Distressed Goods:

Everyday Low Pricing:

First Price:

Initial Markup:

Job-off Price:

Keystone Markup:

List Price:

Manufacturers’ Wholesale Price:


Markdown Cancellation:

Penetration Pricing:

Permanent Markdown:

Predatory Pricing:

Premium Pricing:

Price Endings:

Price Lining:

Price Points:

Promotional Price:

Quantity Discount:

Quick Markdown Pricing:

Reference Price:

Regular Price:

Retail Merchandise Cost:

Sales Promotion:

Seasonal Discount:

Selling Price:

Shipping Terms:

Temporary Markdown:

Trade discount:

Wholesale Price:

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