Accurate Response:

Aesthetic Benefits:

Assortment Distribution:

Assortment Diversity Index (ADI):

Assortment Diversity:

Assortment Error:

Assortment Factors:

Assortment Planning:

Assortment Plans:

Assortment Variety:

Assortment Volume:

Balanced Assortment:

Basic Merchandise Planning:

Bottom-up Planning:


Browsing Customers:


Cash Discount:

Cash on Delivery (COD):

Contract Dating:

Current Sales:

Customer Response System (CRS):

Customer Service:

Date on Invoice (DOI):


Detailed Planning:



Distressed Goods:


Dollar Open-to-buy:

Dollar Plans:

End of Month (EOM) Dating:

End-of-selling-period Discount:

External Coalitions:


Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI):


In-store Shopping Behavior:

Initial Delivery:

Initial Order:

Interactive Planning:

Inventory and Profitability (IP):

Inventory Management:

Joint Product Development:


Late-selling-period Discount:

Line Adoption:

Line Development:

Line Evaluation:

Line Planning:

Line Preview:

List Price:

Lost Sales:

Make to Order:

Matrix Buying:

Merchandise Budgets:

Merchandise Categories:

Merchandise classes:

Merchandise Group:

Merchandise Mix:

Merchandise Presentation:

Merchandise Replenishment:

Merchandise subclasses:

Merchandising Cycle:

Model Stock:

Multiple Delivery Strategies:

Order Processing:

Overall Performance (OP):

Overlapping Environments:

Percent Change in Sales:

Percent Maintained Markup:

Percent Markdown:

Placing Reorders:


Post-adoption Product Development:

Potential Sales:

Pre-adoption Product Development:

Pre-selling Period Discount

Private Label:

Product Development for Wholesale Distribution:

Product Velocity:

Purchase of Finished Goods:

Purposive Customers:

Quantity Discount:

Quick Response Replenishment Systems:

Receipt of Goods (ROG) Dating:

Reduced List Price:

Reorder Planning:

Resale Price Maintenance:

Retailer Product Development:

Revenue and Service (RS):

Sales Enhancement:

Sales Volume:

Seasonal Discount:

Selling Periods:


Shipping Terms:

Shoppers Intensions:

Situational Factors:

Six-month plans:

Stock on Hand:

Stock-keeping unit:


Tiers in Organizational Pyramid:

Top-down Planning:

Trade Discount:

Transition Periods:


Unit Plans:

Utilitarian Benefits:

Visual Merchandising:

Volume Error:

Volume per Assortment factor:

Volume per SKU for the assortment (VSA):

Volume per SKU:

Wholesale Line Preview:

Wholesale Market:

Wholesale Price Structures:

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