Alternate Marketing:

Attribute Replenishment:

Automatic Replenishment:

Baby Boomers:

Business Analytics:

Channel of Distribution:

Cohort Group:

Consumer Panel:

Consumer Price Index (CPI):


Data Integrity:

Data Mining:

Data Profiling:

Data Warehouse:


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

Environmental Scanning:

Focus Group:

Generation X:

Generation Z:

Generational Marketing:

Mall Intercept:

Market Development:

Market Knowledge:

Market Penetration:

Market Plan:

Market Positioning:

Market Segmentation:

Market Share:Total revenue of a brand / Total revenue of the total market

Marketing Budget:

Marketing Communications:

Marketing Mix:

Marketing Strategy:


Millennials (Generation Y):


Niche Market:

Point-of-sale (POS):


Qualitative Research:

Quantitative Research:

Quick Response:


Sell-through:Sell-through is same as sell out, which refers to the percentage of a product that is sold by a retailer after being shipped by its supplier. If A is the supplier, B is the retailer, A sell 10 units to B, and B sell 8 units to customer, then B's sell through rate is 80%.

Stock-keeping Unit (SKU):

Style Testing:

Surveys: Often used to gather consumer's perception about a product innovation, often used with secondary data together.

Target Market:


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